We deliver wellbeing programs to you, in your workplace and at locations in Melbourne and Geelong.

Yoga Man
  • YOGA Classes
  • Staff Training Program
  • Conference Program
Programs include:
  • Corporate Yoga Sessions - tailored to your requirements.
  • Private Executive Classes - focusing on relaxation and meditation.
  • Workplace Relaxation Revitalization Sessions - great for staff training days!
  • Seasonal Sessions available on request
  • Fibromyalgia & Pain Management Private Classes - Gentle YOGA Classes will improve your sense of well-being.

Programs are constructed so the participant may immediately experience a feeling of well-being - participants are taught the different states of consciousness and given the means of balancing all three states.

Each session takes you on a journey through the physical, mental and soul states teaching how to bring harmony and
balance to all states separately, finally creating a union redefining and extending personal boundaries.

Our YOGA programs are based on postures, the breath, relaxation and meditation they are suitable for all fitness levels and cater for beginners and advanced students.

Yoga asana - postures which help strengthen and correct the body structure, stretch muscles, massage internal organs, creating a positive foundation for a healthy body.

Pranayama - breathing exercises cleanse, stimulate and increase the vital flow of energy within the body creating a feeling of positive awareness.

Relaxation - yoga nidra under the guidance of a qualified instructor one is taught the benefit of complete relaxation, this practice is essential for our peace of mind.

Meditation – from the ancient form of Raja Yoga Meditation once taught only to initiates of the east.

YOGA and meditation programs are based on the teachings of Swami Durgananda and Samata Yoga Australia our instructors are fully qualified, hold current senior first aid certificates and have public liability insurance.


Life Coaching is a powerful tool for transformation.

  • Life Work Balance
  • Coaching for Leadership
  • Career Transition and Cultural Change
Coaching can produce extraordinary results in your life, career or business. Learn how it works and how it can add value to your life.


  • Create positive change in your life
  • Successful transitions in your personal life and in your workplace
  • Fast-tracking by developing and enhancing your leadership skills
  • Strategies addressing resistance and optimising life work performance
  • Provides a sounding board and devil's advocate to support your growth

Our coaching programs are tailored to your personal and business needs.

Prices are subject to program development and are available on application, please talk to our sales consultant for details.


ClassPlease wear loose clothing, including socks - bring a blanket and small cushion - do not eat a large meal within 1 hour before a class - do not drink before class other than a few sips.

All participants are required to fill out a registration form prior to commencing a corporate yoga program stating relevant injuries, illnesses and associated health factors which may affect their yoga practice.

We value your privacy - please read our privacy policy in full.

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