What is coaching?
The ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 
Coaching is based on the philosophy that you can have what you want most in life and work - without the struggle of doing it alone. It works on the principle of synergy; that the energy (ideas, focus, clarity) arising from the coach-client partnership is greater than the individual energy brought by the two individuals alone. (ICF)

Amanda Carlton


Coaching is a powerful tool for transformation

  • Life Work Balance
  • Coaching for Leadership
  • Career Transition and Cultural Change

Coaching can produce extraordinary results in your life, career or business.

The Benefits of Coaching

  • Create positive change in your life
  • Successful transitions in your personal life and in your workplace
  • Fast-tracking by developing and enhancing your leadership skills
  • Strategies addressing resistance and optimising life work performance
  • Provides a sounding board and devil's advocate to support your growth

Our coaching programs are tailored to your personal and business needs.

The coaching will involve a mix of in-person and/or telephone conversations. The mix will be negotiated with the coachee; we will also use email to keep in touch.

In-person coaching might occur at our office or at negotiated locations. All phone sessions are initiated by the coachee calling the coach at the scheduled time. Coaching conversations would normally be for 50 to 60 minutes, with perhaps 3 sessions per month.

Prior to commencing a coaching program you will be supplied with documents outlining our policies and procedures.

Our Coaching Policy
Outlines the agreement between the coach and the client/s, our commitment to the confidentiality of our clients, our fees and payment structure, the coaching time and mode – how it works, opportunity for contact in-between sessions, and our policy on rescheduling appointment times. 

The International Coach Federation – ICF
An ICF ethics committee exists and is responsible for hearing complaints in relation to its members.

ICF Pledge:
As a professional coach I acknowledge and honour my ethical obligations to clients and colleagues. I pledge to conduct myself responsibly with the highest degree of integrity and accountability. I strive to do no harm to myself, to those I serve or to the coaching profession.

The Coachees Readiness for Coaching Agreement
This document asks questions to assist you in clarifying why you are seeking coaching at this time, what you want to achieve and how prepared you are for committing to the process.
For more information and details on our coaching programs please contact us.
Please Note:
Prices are subject to program development and are available on application; please talk to our sales consultant for details.
CoachCorp P/L has provided a range of resource material that will be utilised during our coaching sessions – thank you CoachCorp

We also use a wide range of material which makes up our coaching tool kit including profiling tools.


ANTHONY M. GRANT summaries his research on Social Behaviour and Personality: The Impact of Life Coaching on Goal Attainment, Metacognition and Mental Health.  

This study has shone some light on the roles of self-reflection and insight in the self-regulatory cycle. It appears that over engagement in self-reflection may not facilitate goal attainment. This finding serves to remind coaches that life coaching should be a results-orientated solution-focused process, rather than an introspective, overly-philosophical endeavor.  This study has shown that solution-focused, cognitive-behavioural life coaching can indeed be an effective approach to creating positive change, enhancing mental health and life experience and facilitating goal attainment. In addition to these therapeutic aspects, life coaching and coaching psychology provide a useful framework from which to further develop our knowledge of the psychological processes involved in purposeful change in normal, nonclinical populations.

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