Amanda Carlton


With a friendly/professional, creative approach I work with clients so they may realise their true potential,
to live a balanced, healthy and happy life.


As a fully accredited Yoga Instructor, my studies include:
Mind Body Integration, Meditation, Meridian Function, Basic Anatomy, Pain Management and Pre-Post Natal Care.

In my professional coaching practise I specialises in Life / Work Balance and Career Coaching.


I have been fortunate in my working life to have had several careers. I’ve worked in large, medium and small sized businesses, for not-for-profit organisations, arts organisations and for local government in Victoria and the NT.

After more than a decade in the Australian Fashion Industry, I was drawn into the Arts where I worked as a project officer for arts organisations and local government in VIC and the NT.

From the Arts I drifted into Employment Services.

Moving into the roles of employment consultant and job search trainer happened by chance, however it was in these roles that I discovered my aspiration to work with people, and in the process I was learning more about myself.

I had been doing yoga for a few years when I was encouraged to become a yoga instructor, after I graduated I decided to continue my professional development and became a professional coach.

Qualifications / professional development:

  • Certificate in Professional Coaching – Coachcorp P/L
  • Certificate IV in Small Business Management – Bateman TAFE
  • Yoga Instructor - Samata Yoga Australia
  • Arthritis & Back Pain Management a short course - Dr. Daniel Lewis Specialist Rheumatologist at Monash Medical Centre
  • Reiki I & II – Laksmi Centre of Healing & Harmony
  • Associate Diploma of Fashion Design and Production – The Gordon Institute of Technology

Member ICF - International Coach Federation
Member IICT - International Institute for Contemporary Therapists


The seeds were sown for SRIANDA while I was working in Job Network - now JSA.

“Working in Employment Services an industry renowned for high stress and high staff turnover, my colleagues used to comment on how I appeared so calm and relaxed in very stressful situations, they asked me to share my relaxation techniques and yoga practices with them.” This inspired me to think about how I could share this information with more people.

“As an employment consultant and job search trainer I was encouraging clients to broaden their horizons, to focus on their talents, skills and abilities, to set realistic goals and to put actions into place to build a career path they would find truly rewarding. Eventually I took my own advice and started SRIANDA my wellbeing business.”

The business name SRIANDA is derived from Amanda’s spiritual name SRISHTI (in Sanskrit – Creation) and AMANDA (in Latin - Worthy of love).

The SRIANDA Yoga programs are based on the philosophy and teachings of Swami Durgananda.


The practise of Raj Yoga as an easy although profound yoga, allows the individual to embark on a journey of learning to the ultimate illumination of the soul. Along this journey of discovery, not only are we helped and aided in the daily struggles encountered in our individual everyday existence, but also universally as the structures of society begin to deteriorate, and old beliefs are shattered as so often happens within this age of discontent. Once we consciously understand who

we are and why we are here, this will without doubt give us the strength and ability to deal with many of the stresses of everyday living and survival, which can result in physical and emotional breakdowns. We are therefore equipped with the ability of a quick recovery to handle each situation and turn it into a spiritual experience of evolution.
From Samata Samashti Dharma, www.samatayoga.com.au.

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